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Sparshini Dx

Looks and plays like a traditional tanpura/tambura Extra ear-level speaker for better audibility Option of manual plucking or auto-play e-tuning of 4 strings and manual tuning of 5th string Cational positioning of 5th string before or after PA Standard PA/MA/NI selection facility

Micro V6

4-string palm-size tambura For beginners and students PA/MA/NI auto-tuning Mute facility


108 thekas in both classical and light rhythms Optional fill-in patterns, tihai and laggi Editing and programming facility for 5 new thekas Sync-play with the Radel Sunadamala Lehra MIDI IN and MIDI OUT-compatible with keyboards First-ever MIDI-compatible electronic Indian musical instrument

Maestro Dx

4/5 string tanpura with majestic tone Optional double-tanpura effect Auto-tuning of 4 strings and manual tuning of 5th string Optional positioning of 5th string before or after PA Standard PA/MA/NI selection facility Multiple raga compatibility

Mini Miraj

4-string palm-size tanpura PA/MA/NI selection with tunable NI

Digi-60 Dx

60 thekas of commonly used and some rare taals Tempo setting from ati-vilambit to drut Editing and programming facility for user-created thekas Sync-play with the Redel Sunadamala Lehra

Miraj Plus

Real sound of a traditional Miraj tanpura 4/5/6 string tanpura Optional tuning of 5th and 6th string Multiple raga compatibility 10 memory locations. Sustain and Pluck controls PA/MA/NI selection with tunable Ni

Magic Plus

4-string palm-size tambura Realistic sound High volume PA/MA/NI selection with tunable NI

Ranjani +5

4/5 string tanpura Distinct clear tone

Exploring Electronic Soundscapes and Innovation

 Innovative Soundscapes and Cutting-Edge Musical Expression with Our Range of Electronic Instruments.


Yamaha Keyboard and Casio keyboard Available

The keyboard, an iconic electronic instrument, seamlessly merges creativity with technology. Its versatile keys, intricate sound synthesis, and vast range of tones have revolutionised modern music production. From classical to contemporary genres, the keyboard remains a driving force in musical innovation.At Thanjai Veenai Kadai, we recognise the keyboard’s transformative role. Our experts provide meticulous care, repair, and maintenance services for these electronic marvels. We ensure each keyboard maintains its pristine sound quality and responsive keys, empowering musicians to explore limitless sonic landscapes and express their musical visions with precision and innovation.


The piano, a timeless masterpiece of musical artistry, harmonizes tradition and technology. Its magnificent form, expressive keys, and rich tonal range make it the quintessential instrument for classical and contemporary compositions. With roots dating back to the 18th century, the piano has endured as a symbol of musical excellence.At Thanjai Veenai Kadai, we revere the piano’s legacy. Our skilled artisans provide expert piano care, tuning, and restoration services, ensuring each piano retains its resounding brilliance and continues to inspire musicians and audiences with its enduring beauty and emotional depth.

Electronic Violin

The electronic violin, a fusion of traditional craftsmanship and modern technology, redefines the boundaries of sound exploration. Retaining the classic violin’s graceful form and expressive capabilities, it adds a new dimension with electronic amplification and effects. This versatile instrument caters to both classical and contemporary genres, enabling musicians to create captivating and experimental soundscapes.At Thanjai Veenai Kadai, we appreciate the innovative spirit of the electronic violin. Our skilled technicians provide expert care, repair, and customization services, ensuring each electronic violin achieves its full potential in producing captivating and distinctive musical experiences.


An amplifier, the unsung hero of musical performance, magnifies the magic of sound. It takes the subtle nuances of instruments and voices and transforms them into powerful sonic experiences. Whether for electric guitars, keyboards, or microphones, amplifiers play a pivotal role in shaping a musician’s unique sound signature.At Thanjai Veenai Kadai, we understand the significance of amplifiers in the world of music. Our expert technicians provide meticulous care, repair, and customization services, ensuring each amplifier delivers pristine sound quality and enhances the musical journey of artists, amplifying their creative expression to new heights.

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